Teaching Emotions to Kids

How are you today?

Teaching kids how to identify and EXPRESS emotions helps them to interact better with their peers.

One way of doing this is to explain the emotion by using easy words that they can understand, together with pictures or emotion faces that illustrate the feeling.

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I have created, for you, an easy exercise that you can use with your kids. This emotion face worksheet is ideal for helping children recognise different emotional states.

I have included two different emotions for each face as we all know that in any given situation we can feel more than one emotion at the same time.



  • Show your children the various emotion faces.
  • get them to repeat after you the emotion that corresponds to it.
  • Do the facial expression for each one (This helps the children to associate the correct emotion more easily..)

Now just get the children to cut and paste.

Have fun… 😊

Click below for your FREE worksheet


What you can teach with this exercise

Sentence structure

  • “How are you today?”
  • “How do you feel?”
  • “Are you happy, sad, angry etc.
  • “I am…”


  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Angry
  • Surprised
  • Tired etc.

 Emotion Face Mini Board Game

I have included this FREE bonus Emotion Face board game.

Check out the CHEEKY surprise in the instructions! 😋



Click the link below to download…. 😊




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